Friday, January 9, 2009


Please don't assume the McFamily is sickly or prone to infirmity. We're actually quite healthy and live long lives. My Grandparents were 91, 87, and 86 when they went to heaven. All except Pappy, who died with leukemia before I was born, possibly because of something that exposed him to gasses or chemicals in WW1. It's just that we have some allergies and this has been a BAD year for allergy triggered illness and infection. So, today, following a decent workout at the gym we drove to the nearest walk in clinic and Muffin saw a doc-in-the-box. No surprise. It's a recurring sinus infection. The wait was very short and the diagnosis swift. One cortisone injection and an antibiotic prescription later, we were on our way to see the fine friends at the pharmacy.

So, don't make a public announcement, but we're all using drugs. I am three capsules short of finishing my antibiotic and I feel very good. Quite energetic. Fine as frog hair. Scooter is taking daily half tablets of Deramax for doggy arthritis. His liver is not functioning normally so he also gets a tiny ball of peanut butter with a tablet to boost liver function. Or, some days I hide it in cheese sauce. Yummy! He does tricks for those. Now Muffin gets two-a-days of Cipro for a week, because his nose is....well, we won't elaborate in polite company.

Yesterday, Nannie turned and reached for something and her upper rib produced sharp, fiery pain. No one would say it out loud, but with arthritis, nerve compression, and osteoporosis as her constant companions, the worst fear was a broken rib. However, it appears to be an accute attack of arthritis. No easier to live with, but hopefully less permanent and damaging. Dr. Will, for some reason, decided she should attempt to take a cortisone dose pack, just to relieve the inflamation. But she reacted immediately with chills, body aches, nausea, and general intolerance. Good stuff if you can take it, but awful if you can't.

It's such a beautiful day; 80 degrees in January with a light breeze. Clear sky and bright sunshine are my drugs of choice today. And, laughter is the best medicine of all. "A cheerful heart does good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22 " A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones." Proverbs 15:30 "A happy heart makes the face cheerful." Proberbs 15:13

As Ralph, the 45 pound robin would say "CHEER-UP!"

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