Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

Toss 2008! It’s all used up. Toss the Christmas leftovers! Too late to use them. Toss the wrapping paper, tissues, worn out decorations, and 200 pounds of old paperwork—gone to the commercial shredder. Load up the extra clothing and send to Hurricane Ike relief. Put the outdated computer, glass, plastic, newspaper, cardboard, and magazines in the recycling bins. Save the Christmas cards to be used for gift labels. Keep the antique decorations and wall hangings for next year. Box up the garlands and stockings and florals and put them in the attic. Launder the Christmas linens and store them away for 2009. File all the concert and recital programs for future reference.

Uncover the recent photographs of the Grandchildren and hang them prominently on the wall. Assemble the new model airplanes and display them on the shelves. Open, iron, and hang the new curtains in two rooms and observe how it changes the appearance of those spaces. Whip up a fresh batch of dark chocolate chunk cookies and celebrate the New Year. And don’t forget the black-eyed peas!

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