Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quiet Sunday

A rare day for us--Sunday with no added responsibilities, trips, or emergencies. Muffin taught Sunday School, although he would have benefitted from staying in bed all day. On Friday he dropped in to the new clinic in town, since his doctor is in another city, and was prescribed antibiotics to take along with the cortisone injection. The doc also ordered salt water irrigation of the sinuses, and after three days of following instructions....he feels no better. In fact, worse. To say that I'm concerned is an understatement.

We had a bowl of homemade Chili's Enchilada Soup, complete with tortilla strips as a garnish. Read the Sunday paper. Watched a bit of football. Took a long nap. Grilled chicken and fish and spaghetti squash for supper and for the week. Downloaded Michael W. Smith's new CD, on which a friend is playing the violin. Finished cleaning the kitchen, folding the weekend laundry, yada yada yada. That's a quiet day for us.

Best part of the day was our church service. Our pastor felt led to bring our music minister and his wife up front for a blessing. They have two children, three and two, and are expecting a baby girl in a few days. As they stood with their hands open, the congregation came forward and put money in their hands--all sorts of money, but only bills. It was such a blessing for us to bless them! Teenagers and small children and elderly folks and everyone inbetween stood in a long line while T & L stood with their hands open to receive our blessing from God to them and their Baby Girl. My favorite kind of quiet Sunday!

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