Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold and Dry

It's so cold that our shrubs are freezing and drying up.
It's so cold that my pansies want earmuffs.
It's so cold that my dog is asking for a heater at night.
It's so dry that same dog is sleeping by the humidifier.
It's so dry that the birds are searching for runoff from the sprinkling systems for bath water.
It's so cold that we're using the garage for a refrigerator.
It's so dry that blinking your eyelids sandpapers your corneas.
It's so dry that violin pegs are slipping out of tune on a daily basis.
It's so dry that the Mojave seems humid.
It's so dry that I have to take a sip of water before I can yawn.

Some of the above statements are true. The simple truth is that we need rain, O Lord!

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