Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waco missionaries restoring life in Uganda one brick at a time |

Once upon a time there were two school girls who played the violin at two different junior high schools. The director of the orchestra at one school invited one of the girls to rehearse with the other school's orchestra so the lone girl could practice with more orchestra students who were involved in All Region Orchestra. That was 1963. I was the lone girl from my school who was invited to share a music stand with Janice Moore (McCall), and we became friends instantly. Between our last year in junior high and our first year in high school, where we would see each other every day in orchestra for the following three years and double date twins one year, Janice and some other girls our age from First Baptist Church were in a car accident. Janice was thrown from the car and had a serious head injury. She was in a coma for many days. The Lord had a destiny for her life and much prayer was answered. I don't know much about those days of recovery except that as she healed she "did some goofy things" as the brain injury recovery was described. She didn't remember much of it anyway.
After graduating we saw each other briefly and infrequently, but our families paths crossed often. While Janice was in Baylor University and I was at Texas Tech we both met the loves of our lives and married. Our families continued to live in our home town and our grandmothers lived next door to one another in a nursing home before they both changed residencies to heaven. Janice's younger brother married someone who is a fellow member of a music club. I knew that Janice and husband left Nigeria due to violence there and returned to Waco to teach and be a family physician in a clinic. I hope you will take ten minutes to read this article about their lives in Uganda, where they moved a few years ago.

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