Monday, February 21, 2011

A lovely President's Day God Moment

Last Thursday Nannie was in a car accident while I was teaching a group lesson, or precisely as I was arriving at the church to teach the group lesson. In my hands I had the NFMC bulletin of prescribed pieces along with notes for parents for the lesson.  In the car I had all my Baby Music supplies and instruments and violin in the trunk, as well as a pile of mail for some neighbors that was mistakenly delivered to my house.

Leaving the church in a great hurry, I was careful to pick up my violin, the NFMC bulletin and the extra parent notes.  I hadn't seen the bulletin and notes since then.  And I could not find them in the house or in the car.  I was feeling pretty crazy this afternoon after many minutes of looking for the book, needing the information it contains for registering my students for a festival.  I just finished saying, "Lord, I need that bulletin.  Please show me where it is."

The doorbell rang.  No one rings the doorbell on lesson days. Everyone just comes inside. There stands the neighbor whose mail I delivered to her late in the evening after Nannie was released from the ER and having x-rays.  She had my bulletin and extra notes in her hand along with yesterday's newspaper article.  She said, " I wondered if you needed this, then I read the article and realized that you really need it.  I also work with 4 and 5 year olds with disabilities at a rural school district and we use music as therapy all the time.  I'm so impressed with what you are doing." I had stacked their mail on top of the bulletin and notes and handed it all over to her without noticing the extra bulk.

Wow!  Thanks, Lord for the bulletin, for a new neighbor, and for the connection.

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