Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday, January 31, 2011, was a beautiful day.  Sunny, clear, about 71 degrees and not much wind.  The geese near the lake were out of water, soaking up the sunshine.  
Good idea.  About 4:00 pm a storm came in and we had thunder, rain, hail, lightening, more thunder, heavy rain, more hail, then it changed to sleet and snow.  Everything in town except the hospitals and a very few offices is closed. No county services open. No city services open. No schools open. No clinics open.  No day care open. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.  It is 16 degrees now at 5 pm.  We've had snow showers off and on today.  Scooter and I are inside wearing our winter gear.  So far I've taught violin lessons via Skype when the internet cooperates.  Three lessons were successful.  I did three others over the telephone and actually gave theory ear training sample tests by iphone.  Technology is wonderful!

Our backyard.

My very wise husband suggested that I clear the snow off the air conditioner before running it today. 
Wise guy.
Front yard.  Notice the drift near the mail box.  No sign of a sidewalk at all.

Scooter tracks.

Side of the yard through the window screen.  Wind chills are headed to minus 11 tonight.  

Sun peeked out a bit and made some shadows.

The treacherous curb where the ice pooled before the snow fell.  It is one big crunchy mess!

Footprint.  Never touched the sidewalk the snow is so deep.  

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