Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to Reality

So we had an awesome visit, and two very cramped flights, to see Joy and Mike.  When we visited the Capitol city in the past we would stay in hotels and sight-see during the day while our daughters worked and attended classes.  At night they would come see us at the hotel and eat carry out from their favorite restaurants with us.  Now that Joy and Mike own a house in a cozy neighborhood we don't get out too much, but that's really our fault.  It's just so comfortable at their house and there are meals to cook and laundry to wash, dry and fold.  In the past two weeks I have experienced a deep freezing cold spell that stopped our city and all activities, a brief thaw, followed by another day of ice and snow, followed by a six day trip.

Arriving in late afternoon to 80 degree weather was almost a shock.  I tried to focus on chores and organizing activities for the days ahead and that was fortunate and wise. Thursday morning I indulged in a pedicure and ran errands
then came home to finish laundry and change clothes for a Pilates training session.  I came home to plan a group lesson, viewing a video and taking notes, then transcribing them as a hand-out for parents.  Only seven students came to the lesson--some of them without parents.  Just as I arrived at the church to teach them, my phone showed a voice mail message from Nannie.  I quickly listened to is as I tuned some violins.  She had been hit by a driver who ran through a red light, downtown, at a busy intersection.

Clouds from above--in flight  I call this one an
angel wing. Below, pop corn and fleecy blanket. 

At that moment I had my violin and several others that were severely out of tune as a result of extreme weather changes, three students who were attending without parents and who had no rides, and no way to contact parents to come get their children.  Thank God for His goodness!  She was not seriously injured and Brother G was able to meet her there and stay with her until I could meet them at the doctor's office.  Then we went to the ER for x-rays and then back to her home.  She has a large bruise on her knee, and seat belt bruising, but no broken bones.  The final reports are not yet in. The other driver was cited for running the red light and for disobeying child restraint laws. She had a rent car from Enterprise. Neither Enterprise nor her personal insurance has contacted my Mom's agent.  The collision shop has not made a decision on whether or not the 10 year old Buick is totalled.  Mom's agent has adviser her to wait another week to ask for a rent car. Her insurance company may, or may not, pay for a rent car for "a few days", perhaps 2 or 3, or less.  In other words, no one is taking any responsibility.

Yesterday the advice was to wait, move slowly and see what the liable driver's insurance had to offer. Today the advice was to move quickly to find another car for Nannie. Nannie had a list of things she did NOT want--Asian made cars; cars with unusual colors like pink, yellow, green, or purple; cars with gear shift in the console column; cars with "too many new functions to learn"; SUV's; too many miles on them; anything that required payments.  What did she want?  " I don't know anything at all about cars.  I'm completely dependent on you and Muffin."

Muffin did the shopping. Found a car. It, of course, has gear shift in the console. He took her to see it and it seems to have passed the Nannie test for today.  Meanwhile I had a consultation for music with a bride and her mother, cleaned house, we purchased nail clippers for Scooter, 15 gallons of drinking water, fresh produce, and went out for dinner.  And all of that only took ten hours.

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