Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Day in History

The year: 1972
The time: 1400, or 2pm, CST
The place: Asbury Methodist Church, Lubbock, TX
The people: Muffin, Me, family, friends, and two preachers
The occasion: Our Wedding Day!

It was simple. Two shades of pink homemade dresses for the bridesmaids. Lots of music, of course, but I stuck to mostly Bach, a bit of Schumann, and hymns. "O Perfect Love" and the prayer of St. Francis (set to music by Olive Dungan) were sung by a dear friend, whose Daddy was one of the preachers. The other vocal solo was from a song cycle, about the ring on the finger of the the newly married girl singing it. Naturally there was a piano, an organ, and a violin playing. The flowers were basic pink carnations and white gladiolus. The former because Muffin sent them to me frequently when I lived in the dorm. The latter because they have always spelled S-U-M-M-E-R to me. The reception was in the parlor and all the food was handmade by my parents and brought from out of town. Muffin's baby sister, his only sister, his only sibling, was six years old. She was the flower girl and didn't speak a word all day, but she was adorable with her long blonde curls.

Favorite memories:
Coming into the sanctuary with my Daddy and seeing Muffin for the first time that day. I knew again that he was the person I wanted to grow old with and sit with on the back porch, looking at the sun go down.
Aforementioned musicians trying not to cry when we said our vows
Previously mentioned baby sister with chocolate cake all over her face at the reception
Second preacher nearly blasting us out of the sanctuary in his zeal to be sure the congregation hear every word he said. We heard!
Baby buggy and lots of shoe polish writing on the little brown Pinto in which we drove away
An awful polyester pant suit, made by my own two hands, in white with gold buttons, as a "going away outfit". Eeeeuwwww! What was I thinking?
Stopping in a small town for a milkshake on our way to our honeymoon destination and discovering dried cake frosting on my face. Muffin hadn't said a thing.
Remembering late in the day that I had a good friend from the music department who was in the Miss Texas pageant that same day
Thinking how very fragile my parents looked as we drove away
Knowing I had married my very best friend, given to my by God, the one who my heart loves.

Happy thirty seventh!


montemc said...

Your Muffin loves You ever more with each day, week and year!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

So sweet! Congratulations!