Monday, July 13, 2009

Heated "Up"

After going to the gym, shopping for groceries in 101 degree heat, and playing for a wedding outdoors in the previously mentioned heat, Muffin and I went out for dinner and a movie on Saturday night. Seriously, it has been so hot and dry here that we are losing plants in our yard that we've had for 20 years. It's been so hot that we take our ice chest with us to the grocery store so the cold food will still be cold when we arrive in the garage. It's been so hot that if you don't use the windshield sun screens in the car when it is parked, that the steering wheel and seat belt buckles are too hot to touch. It's been so hot and dry that the sky and the earth are almost the same glaring shade of whiteness. It was so hot at the wedding that the ring bearer stayed busy trotting up the aisle to the steps on the patio porch to the water cooler, hauling cups of cold water toward the bridal party. They all looked like they would like to interrupt the preacher and drink, but were too polite to do so. It was so hot that I was seriously concerned about my violin varnish being damaged by the heat and perspiration and dry air. It's so hot that the tap water is officially "warm". I think you understand.

So, back to dinner and a movie. We had a very pleasant dinner of citrus shrimp and scallops on rice pilaf with garden salad and vegetables. Our waitress was a darling college student who wanted to visit about ministry opportunities, rather than her major. Our city has three universities, each founded by a different Christian denomination, so lots of students find that they are drawn to ministry while working on their degrees. Isn't that fabulous?

The Pixar flick, "Up", has been out for many weeks, and we have intended to see it every weekend since it opened. We were anticipating it. We were pumped. I was surprised. In fact, I felt like a train hit me in the opening moments. I really do understand that it is an uplifting movie, pun intended. I get that we should not be encumbered by our possessions or life's circumstances and that we should always let our spirit of adventure move us forward. I just didn't expect to be reminded of so many people that I know who are not living freely in that spirit of adventure. And I began to cry. Then I cried more. Finally I was just a blubbering mess and wept out of control on the way home. Not a pretty date for Muffin at all. I don't cry pretty. I'm not the "let the tears roll down your cheeks past your lovely waterproof mascaraed eyes type". I sob. I snort. I grab whatever is handy--sleeve, napkin, tissue, upholstery. Well, maybe not upholstery. Poor Muffin. He loved the movie and always sees such richness in the graphics and storytelling, drawing, and imagery. I just see the story and beyond--to the prophetic meanings in the lives and events of the characters. I tried really hard to look at the mechanics and not the heart rending story, but I was a goner. Happy Anniversary, dear. Boo hoo, waaaaaaa. snort. sniff sniff.

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