Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just because

It has been years and years since I had a summer with free time for lots of consecutive days. Every year I have been busy teaching, learning, traveling to see the newest grandchildren, helping with my Daddy, or committed to something that met weekly. This summer is different. Really different. Just because I have wanted to, I have...
Gone with my students to perform in five places
Started Pilates training, both private and in a mat class
Had coffee with friends
Read blogs written just for entertainment
Read some books outside the "normal" genres of interest
Written creatively
Read about foreign countries
Started a study of Sozo
Strolled through a few shops
Browsed many web sites
Listened and purchased many different genres of music
Taken some naps I really didn't need
Just sat and watched my hummingbird visitors
Spent two days at the hospital with a friend recovering from surgery

I can't begin to describe how decadent I felt when first sampling this newfound freedom. It was uncomfortable to lose track of time and not be working. At the beginning of the summer I would fall asleep for 20-45 minutes while trying to concentrate on even a simple pleasurable past time. I would hurry through a class, or drive myself to compete with the clock and then sudden realization would remind me that I just didn't need to do that. I constantly reminded myself to return to tutorials online or to books I had committed to read because friends requested that I do so. But, as I listed the things I have done "just because" I also feel a great sense of accomplishment. Perhaps I am learning in this stage of my life to be still. After all, that is one of God's commandments.

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His Doorkeeper said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I certainly understand the empty nest feeling...but you know, it's probably the best part of life afterall!!

I have spent the last few minutes reading some of your older posts and I certainly enjoy your writings! You and Muffin certainly have an interesting life!