Saturday, July 18, 2009

As the World Turns

Vertigo Poster - Click to View Extra Large Image

Thursday I had a headache. Thought it was the heat and allergies. Thursday night I had a bit of dizziness. Friday morning when I got out of bed, it was more like vertigo, but passed quickly and I had a full day of activity, including Bodyflow at the gym. Last night the vertigo re-turned. This morning EVERYthing turned. This afternoon Muffin turned into the Doc-In-the-Box and held me up while I walked in to the "walk in clinic".
`Hi Doc. I'm not blonde, but I sure am dizzy.
`Stop the world! I want to get off.
`I'm not spinning a yarn, here. I need some help.
`Can you 'top' this off?
`Let's keep 'rolling' out the paperwork.

Forty five minutes later I was shot full of decadron and had a prescription for a Z-pack and a cortisone pack. Lots of fluid is sloshing in my ears and pressing my sinuses. I've never had vertigo like this. Am I in a movie? Is this temporary? When will the meds 'get around' in my system? Why was it my 'turn' to have vertigo? This is true. I'm not 'tilting windmills'.

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