Saturday, July 18, 2009

Really tired of this!

Last week my dear sister in the Lord, K, was planning a Chrysalis. As Lay Director for that event she had put together a team, prayed, met, made beautiful gifts, prayed more, had more meetings, and was growing more excited each day about the opportunity to pour love into sweet lives of teenage girls who are hungry for more of God.
Last weekend K's Mom died. She had lived a full life and was ready to change her residence to heaven, but that doesn't mean that a family doesn't grieve. K fell ill, thinking she had a 24 hour virus, and couldn't go be with her Mom in those last hours. On Monday she came to our Emmaus reunion group meeting, bringing fresh food from her garden for us to share, saying she had to leave a bit early to go to a doctor's appointment. The doctor ordered tests. He was suspicious of appendicitis. Tuesday night she experienced more sleepless hours in pain with other symptoms. Wednesday, late in the afternoon, she was rushed to emergency exploratory surgery.
Shortly after 8 pm the doctor delivered the news to her husband, sons, and about twenty five Christian friends who had gathered.
K had a malignant tumor the size of a fist removed from her colon. Eighteen inches of her intestine and other tumors attached to the liver were removed as well. The doctor reported "seeds" of other malignancies also. No radiation treatment is recommended. Chemotherapy is advised. She is lying in the hospital, resting under the influence of morphine.
A new director for the Chrysalis is chosen.
K's Mom was buried today. Her memorial service was cancelled.
K's husband must work, so we, her friends, will stay with her at the hospital. He is tired, a little shocky, and we will lift him up in prayer.
K's youngest son, newly married for six months, and his wife, just moved two weeks ago and began new jobs. They need to leave, although the new boss has been very generous. They refuse to accept a dismal, negative outcome.
K's oldest son just graduated from college and is moving to start a new job as well. He has been a warrior and protector for the family and will continue in that capacity.

I am sick and tired of this kind of onslaught against my friends and family members! I hate the works of the devil which Jesus came to destroy! I hate the stealing of lives full of God's promises and destiny! I detest the lying whispers in their ears telling them they should give up and be sick! I am furious that dreams, ideas, lives, missions, and countless other precious treasures have been killed by the diseases and circumstances and words and wounds and entanglements and ambushes and wrong beliefs born of ignorance and misinformation! I am as angry at the forces of darkness in my friends' lives as I was at the terrorists who acted on September 11, 2001! You are in for a big fight, but you might as well surrender, because the blood of Jesus has won this and settled it for eternity!!!!! K and her family are going to win big.

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