Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thirteen Years!

Happy Anniversary to some of our favorite people, CB and JB! When they were just children, yet in college and oh-so-young, they met for the second time (first time as high school students at Ceta Canyon Camp) at the Wesley Foundation at Texas Tech U. CB called home that semester and something in her voice when she said his name alerted me to the seriousness of the relationship. In November of their junior year they were engaged. We planned, we discussed, we cried, we laughed, we rolled yards and yards of tulle, and we found the perfect little sister seamstresses to sew the wedding gown. Really. They are like the Mexican version of the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty. They fuss over the bride and her Mom and her sisters and tell you about their sisterly relationships and how they made their parents a little crazy growing up. All while they are measuring and shaping and drawing and fussing. And then, there is a perfectly tailored wedding dress that looks exactly like the one in the magazine by a designer you could never have afforded. They were amazing! And made CB's wedding dress dreams come true, with dyed to order pink silk over white silk dupioni and the tiniest little spaghetti straps you have ever seen. Gorgeous!

There were bridesmaids and flower girls--sisters and friends and cousins in white and ivory with touches of pink. Of course the flowers were pink. The music was beautiful, complete with Boo playing while a dear friend sang "How Beautiful", plus there was an original song, written just for them. There was a buffet of homemade food spilling out of baskets and bowls--fresh fruit cut by the hands of many, many friends and Sunday School members; cheeses and meats and homemade rolls, pat`e, sparkling white grape punch, and fabulous cake in two flavors. The dance, DJ, and tiny white lights were all perfect. The weather was perfect. The parents and sisters were tired. Oh so tired after cleaning it all up so the church would be ready the next morning. And then part of the wedding party had no place to stay for the night and no money and were not yet married to one another, so they came home with us and moved in upstairs. We stayed awake for hours visiting with them and praying that JB's new tires were more than adequate to get them to New Orleans.

It is nearly unbelievable that thirteen years have passed since that glorious, beautiful wedding. Tucked inside all the memories like a gem is the indelible movie in my brain of the two of them praying for one another while communion was served. May you always be in love with Jesus and with one another and love to talk to Him together. We love you!


kasogayle said...

I was there!! Woo hoo!!! Love you, CB & JB!!!!

Rowdy Girls Mama said...

I love reading your memories of that day and all that led up to it. Thanks, Mom.

Rowdy Girls Mama said...

P.S. Sleeping Beauty ;)

Ed & Debra Lloyd said...

I wish I had your way with words. Yes, this was a beautiful day. What a blessing this special bride has been to our son.....and us. Love you Marmee.