Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Week

Somehow the lazy days of summer were pushed aside for bustling activity last week. I resumed Pilates training, taught five students, ran countless errands, did my usual classes at the gym, and then began packing. I packed for a night in a hotel with Muffin, the Rowdy Girls and their Mama. I packed for a day at Sea World. I packed for the remainder of the weekend at the Rowdy Girls' home. I packed some of Muffin's things.
I packed books. Lots of books. They were purchased at our local library book sale, where I volunteer each year. Only children's books were purchased this year. You gather all the children's books together, take them to the checkers, and they stack them up and measure the stack. What you pay is ten cents per inch. Best deal in town! Muffin found a volume of Madeleine stories along with several early readers and some picture books. My favorite finds were The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, Ruby's Storm, and Maggie the Sheepdog. I love Piggins, a book about a pig who is a butler.

Arriving at the RG's house about 1 p.m. I re-packed for the hotel and left the books at their house. CB, girls and I headed south in her SUV for San Antonio where Muffin had business the next morning. The Musica Man, so titled by the Rowdy Girls, provided entertainment via the DVD player in the back seat for the girls, and my new iphone kept me busy on the way. After unpacking we dressed in swimsuits and spent an hour or so in the hotel pool, which is where we were hanging when Grandpa Mufffin arrived. He's so popular with the three year old set!

Out of the pool just in time for snacky dinner and So You Think You Can Dance. I LOVE that show! Grandpa bought Olive Garden dinner for the three adults and we headed to bed early for the next big day at Sea World. It was a fun day, spent mostly at the water park, but was probably 105. And while CB took trash to the bin and I was watching Roo in the stroller and Em in the pool, Em took a hike out of the pool and out of the area in about 60 seconds and gave us a scare. You can read about that and view the days' events here.

We had so much fun with the twins at their house. They are major entertainment. I could stand a daily dose of them (and of the W's!). While they were napping (or supposed to be napping) Muffin and I had an appointment at the Apple Store and bought a smoothie at Jack in the Box. We read books, played with hats, stacked objects, made tents, and practiced our yoga. On Saturday Aunt Kaki arrived for breakfast with all of us, including lots of coffee--her drink of choice. After naps began Muffin and I loaded our respective cars, plugged our new iphones in and headed northwest. We shopped for groceries and cooked some of them Saturday night. Picked Scooter-Dog up at Nannie's house and visited with her, showing her all the new photos from the weekend.

Sunday we had a Unity Service, one service rather than two, at church. It included lots of singing and worship with a flag dance, the baptism of eight young people, and a pot luck dinner. Afterward we bought fresh produce at a corner stand, came home and had a long nap. ZZZZZzzz

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