Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The End

Today is not only the end of June, but it is the official end of my summer teaching. That is probably a good thing, since I promised my occupational therapist that I would rest my hands. The tendons are so much better after stretching, other therapy, and lots of prayer, but they still need some rest, ice and occasional ibuprofen.

When I rest from teaching violin lessons that means I need to clean the music room, file music, photos, and programs from the previous year. I have old programs dating back to my college years. Some of my college classmates from the music department are quite famous now, but I still have programs where they were listed in the second violin section, or in the alto section of the choir. Now they are soloists and opera divas. The main reason I collect programs is to be able to find titles and composers when I can't quite remember all the key elements of a composition that tickles my brain.

Today it rained one inch. What a blessing! After days of 100 plus degrees and no significant rain for weeks, today's 78 degrees and sloppy puddles had everyone in stores and at the gym in a good mood. Even stretching and breathing hard at Pilates was pleasant with rain falling outside. Even the rain has come to an end today, however.

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