Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Year

We made it through all the "firsts" of the past year. First Fathers Day without Dubbie. First grandchild born after his death. First birthday for each of us, and his birthday also. First Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first date of Dubbie and Nannie's wedding anniversary, which would have been their 67th. So, today seemed like it would pass without much fanfare. But, it did not. Nannie was weeping when we arrived to bring her the new cell phone. And she was weeping when we left.

Today in a quiet setting I experienced some wonderful moments. I asked the Lord to speak to me, as I often do. And quite suddenly I had a picture of Dubbie holding Jesus' hand, just as he would frequently grab each of us by the hand when we left the house or nursing home, in a grip that resembled an arm wrestling stance. He would playfully wiggle his arm with our hands locked and then give us a hug. But today's picture was different: he was totally, peacefully, engaged in looking right into Jesus' eyes as they gripped hands. And the Lord told me that Dubbie likes it very much where he is now. He likes the arm grip, the walks in the grass, the sounds of nature ringing all around him that he can now hear perfectly. He loves all the music, the views, the people, the praise, the worship. He just loves it all and is totally at peace. And although I can rarely ever remember him being bent out of shape about much of anything in all my life with him, this is a peace that transcends any kind of peace I ever observed in him. Most of all, I saw the Lord take him far away from the gateway where I pictured him in those last two years of his earthly life. He is not looking backward. He is Home.

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Rowdy Girls Mama said...

I really like that. But I sure do miss him and always will.