Monday, April 18, 2011

Too busy

It has been too long since I blogged.  Which doesn't mean nothing is happening.  Quite the contrary!  Most notably I had a birthday and Nana had emergency surgery to have her gall bladder removed.  And she got an iPad for her birthday which she is enjoying while she recovers nicely at home. Nannie had a small fracture in her knee cap from the wreck and Muffin had a cracked tooth that needed a crown, plus other dental work.  And there have been some trips to see her, some concerts, and a few other gigs, plus the studio and Baby Music. In fact, the way my week goes now is like this:
Monday, catch up in the morning/ Emmaus reunion group at noon/ teach from 2:30-7:30 pm
Tuesday, Baby Music 10-11ish/ lunch/teach from 1:15-6:45/ Body Flow 8-9 pm
Wednesday, Sozo class at church 9:30 -noon/Body Flow 12:00-1:00/lunch/ teach 2:00-6:30
Thursday, morning meetings or errands/12:30 Pilates/2:30 appointments/6:30 Baby Music class
Friday and Saturday, Body Flow/ shopping and errands with Muffin/ gigs or activities we enjoy/laundry
Sunday, church and cooking for the week

Throw in some odds and ends or visits or ministry time and it's a full day every day.
Two things I want to remember, however, are a "happening" and a dream.  The first was in the ICU while visiting Nana.  The room was crowded and the chair was uncomfortable.  I tried for a few hours to be cozy there, but it was also cold. Finally Monte told me he would stay while I sat in the waiting room. I took a book and got comfortable in a chair, then felt that I should pray. I closed my eyes and began to feel the weighty presence of the Holy Spirit on me. As I prayed for Nana a quietness enveloped me from behind and I felt the wings of an angel fold over me from above my head to around my knees, leaving my feet sticking out and resting on the floor.  I don't know how long I was there--maybe 2 hours or more--but it seemed like only minutes and I was completely warm and comfortable in knowing that Nana was also enveloped by the same angel wings.  This was a BIG angel and I could literally feel the texture of the wings around me.  When Monte came out he found me quietly sitting up and I felt as if I had been somewhere inside those wings--then the sensation of the air and sounds in the room came back to me all at once.   I can still feel what it was like to be cocooned inside those wings--ahhhh......

Secondly, I had a dream after praying for family this weekend.  It was an intense prayer in which Muffin and I stormed the gates for freedom for several family members who are living as captive to fear and oppression.  Afterward we went to sleep.  And I dreamed that I had been inside a courtroom and was being taken to prison although I had done nothing wrong.  As I was led into the corridor taking me into the prison it changed and became something else altogether. The transformation was all around, including the people who had led me into the corridor. The light changed and became sparkling and twinkly and we danced and floated through the corridor and those leading me became fairy-like or angelic with lightness in their clothing and beings--even their hair seemed to float around them and everything was translucent around us, even the air.  I remember saying, "O God! If prison is like this it will be worth it all!"  But it changed again as we left the corridor and went into an area much like a hospital or mental ward.  I was given a dress unlike anything I would choose to wear--ditsy print with little tucks, fitted waist, very short and not covering me as I wanted to be covered. I struggled with the buttons and the missing length at the hemline and tried to make it fit me better.  We were given baskets of small objects--all alike and all made by children with construction paper very lovingly.  They seemed like baskets of "agape" if you understand Emmaus language.  I went person to person and handed out the agape. There were things in the floor that tempted me to bend and pick them up, but I felt too exposed with the short hem length and heard someone say, "She's not taking the bait." As I continued there was more agape and more invitations to bend, but I remained on task and tried to focus on each person in their own space, praying that the handmade items would touch their hearts.  Then I woke up.

We talked about this dream at reunion group today.  Consensus is that I was led in the power of the Spirit to the prison of fear and anxiety and torment and oppression where my family members live. I took to them gifts of love--which is the power that raised Christ from the dead. I did not feel completely comfortable in doing this--uncovered, improperly clothed--so perhaps I need more prayer covering myself.  But I did not take the bait to expose my vulnerability to evil forces along the way.

I think I need to pray more and sleep more. That's where the good stuff is!

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