Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Thankful

Today I just want to state in print those things in my life for which I am thankful to God.  This is my Psalm for the day.

I give thanks to God, for He is Good!  His Love endures forever. Thank You for my beautiful family-my husband of almost 39 years who loves me as Christ loves the church and prays for me daily; for my ancestors who love You and paved the way for me to know You; for my Daddy's life and example of You to me til the day he went to You; for my Mom's life and her example of continual service to You; for my beautiful first born daughter, because she is a continuing fountain of delight and discovery in every aspect of her life--that girl has always loved life and learning!  For my beautiful second born daughter who last week celebrated her 33rd birthday--every minute of those 33 years has been filled with her peaceful heart and gentle love toward us and her special ones. She is still the Rose Queen!  For my beautiful third born daughter and the sweet baby boy she carries now--her life has always been like her name, full of Joy and awesome grace.  For their husbands--God has blessed each of them with the love of their lives, who love our girls as Christ loved the Church.  Wow!  For our precious beautiful fourth born daughter, the most fabulous Kathleen the Queen (Esther) who has inner strength and creativity and deep wells of love flowing from her.  For our beautiful and extraordinary grandchildren and for all God is doing in their lives to bring His Kingdom to earth through them and teach them their destinies.  For Muffin's Mom, Nana, full of courage and charm and laughter and prayers.  For Muffin's sister and her family, a delight to us all and daily blessings to Nana and to their friends.
For good health.
For jobs that fulfill us.
For children who inspire us.
For church homes that always tell us they are happy to be with us.
For shelter and food and clothing that is far more than we can ask or think.
For financial blessing in abundance to be able to give to others.
For Music, Art, Dance, and all forms of Creativity from the Creator.
For good insurance the day after several hail storms.
For friends who are glad to be with me.
For rain yesterday and in advance for more!
For the Body of Christ in all the earth, each member of whom is precious and vital to Your Kingdom.
For my sweet dog, Scooter.
For those who serve me, who I forget to thank.
For those who teach us.
For Jesus, who gave up everything to show us the Way.
For the Holy Spirit who is with us now to show us how to live like we never left the Garden.


Ed & Debra Lloyd said...

Marmee, your blog blessed me today. I wish I was as expressive as you are. Your heart says it all.


Rowdy Girls Mama said...

lovely! and we are so thankful for Marmee and all the ways you bless our lives!