Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gone Shopping

I went shopping in real brick and mortar stores today.  First time in almost a half year that I've spent several hours just browsing, trying on, and buying clothing and accessories.  It was quite profitable too!  I had some coupons and groupons and found some clearance items as well. Big plus is that one store had 20% off everything in it today only.  So I have five new tops and one new skirt. Except the skirt is being shipped because my size was nowhere to be found.  It's awesome and worth waiting for!  Lots of colors in a diagonal print of chiffon over a solid lining.  Just my kind of skirt!

I was totally determined to purchase only prints because my closet is full of solid colors.  Except for a little white knit shrug that goes with all the solid colors, I accomplished that. Print skirt. Check. Tunic top in purples and blues. Check. Peasant shirt in blues, black and white. Check.  Tiered ruffled tank top in a subtle print to wear with neutral pants in five colors. Check.  Striped bold colored tank top. Check.  Five checkmarks in a row! Bingo!

My last stop was at a dollar store to replenish gift wrap supplies.  At the check out counter a little girl named Trinity was clearly tagging along after school with one of the clerks.  She was adorable and precocious and told her friend, "You have a customer!  I'll tell you whenever you have one so you won't miss anyone!"  I told her she was very helpful and she agreed.  Said, "I'm full of joy and cheerfulness too."  I agreed with her and added that she was also quite confident. She countered with, "Yes I am. I'm smart too!"  So I asked her if she was about 18 years old yet and her answer was, "No! I'm 8 and she's (the clerk) 25."   I advised her that the Bible says that laughter is good medicine, so she should feel very good about making so many people happy.  She said, "I do!  I'm giving out lots of good medicine."

Father, bless little Trinity with the fullness of your presence every day of her life and always, always, give her the ability to return to your joy in every circumstance. Amen. 

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