Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Desperate for You and Vegetables

Where's Little Bear?

Tea Party!

My Grands visited me for the first part of Spring Break!  It has been so much fun, watching them play, learn, discover each other in new ways, and just having them close to snuggle and read to and sing with.  CB and the girls arrived Friday.  On Saturday she went on an overnight trip to Nana's house and to visit with teacher colleagues.  Grandpa and I played "Where's Little Bear?", picnic, pillow toss, barber chair and piano bench spins, read stories, watched loony toons and Nick Jr.  We all went to church Sunday morning and danced, sang, listened, drew, snacked a little, and saw Miss L's art.  Then we ran in the courtyard a little before coming home to meet Nannie, Becky, Jonah and Gracie who were arriving at our house.

Jonah and Grandpa built a catapult, and afterward sidewalk chalk on the driveway and a giant mess in the sandbox followed.  Much eating ensued--pulled pork, braised carrots, whole grain bread and butter, many bowls of watermelon, blueberries and strawberries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, rice cakes, more watermelon, veggie sticks, bananas, more watermelon, popcorn, a tea party of cinnamon rolls, orange slices, chocolate cupcakes, and of course-tea!

My kids and their kids had an afternoon at the park while I tried to loosen up at Body Flow. More eating and washing down with smoothies made of fruit, milk, yogurt, protein powder, elderberry syrup and probiotic powder.

After kid baths and showers we girls talked a little. Or a lot.  To each other and to our husbands, who, bless their hearts, were missing all the fun stuff.  Late last night I found an invasion of ants and perhaps also termites in the kitchen.  After spraying, killing, and cleaning thoroughly with bleach all the affected areas. I went to bed about 1:00 AM and then had a dream.

I was in my parents' house and it was filled with relatives.  All my grandparents were there.  Only my Daddy was missing. Muffin and all our girls and all their children were there, along with other younger children.  Something was wrong and I seemed to be trying very hard to keep household chores and children in reasonable control.  My grandmothers were trying to talk to me and tell me about customs they followed in caring for their families and houses. My mother was doing laundry, but it was my laundry and my children's laundry and some of the grandchildren's also.  While she put the dirty clothes in the washer, before I had checked them, I discovered that some of the latches and locks on the doors and windows were faulty, allowing them to swing open and closed, and the children were wandering in and out of them, into potentially dangerous territory.  I was notifying Muffin that repairs were in order for safety and then ran to look at the laundry.  All sorts of make-up, papers, and plastic had gone into the laundry with the clothing and left spots and discolorations on each and every garment.  I was trying to find a way to not cast blame, and to corral all the little ones--damage control--when I woke up.  

Near noon today we took chicken tenders and cupcakes to Nannie's house, and she served sides: Macaroni n cheese, bread and butter, mashed potatoes, and lemonade pie.  Awhile ago the girls and the grands left for their respective homes and I suddenly realized that I was desperate for time with Father God.  And some real vegetables.  While I have a plate of Asian slaw, watermelon, and greens, I'm listening to my favorite praise music.  A very satisfying meal!  

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