Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jingle Cycles

If I had a floppy eared Bassett like Pioneer Woman’s Charlie, I could take photos and post them. If I had just written a new book like Beth Moore’s newly published “Esther, I would definitely post about that. If I had just spent ten days in Italy like my lovely daughter and her husband (who is also lovely), I would most certainly write post after post about that, complete with photographs.

Alas. Since my last post I have cleaned the house. Attended the homecoming musical, All Shook Up. Assisted in testing about 40 students on their knowledge of music theory. And played Jingle Bells approximately 21 times.

Why Jingle Bells in October, you ask? Because students must practice Jingle Bells in October to be able to perform it in December. Or November, as the case may be. The Junior League fundraiser is November 8 and about 25 of my students will be performing a 20 minute program. Since Christmas music is not lengthy unless you are singing seventy eleven verses of each song, that means the students need to learn about 15 songs. I’ve heard Silent Night about 6 times in two days. O Come Little Children is another continuous feed. Two fiddle tunes from Appalachia, Christmas Eve, and Snowflake Reel are dancing through my head tonight too. We Three Kings, Mary Had a Baby, O Come All Ye Faithful, Up on the Housetop, and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas are repeat Offend—excuse me!—Performers.

Tis the season to be Jolly, Old three kings up on the housetop. I prefer a silent night with a snowflake on Christmas eve when Mary had a baby, all ye faithful song lovers. Help! Somebody put me out of my song cycle!

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