Saturday, November 1, 2008

GUNS UP!! there is no joy in Austin,
mighty Bevo has struck out!!!

This definitely isn't baseball, but I couldn't resist the reference to "Casey at the Bat" in comparing my Alma Mater, dear old Texas Tech in their fabulous, awesome win over UT, the perpetually number 1 ranked University of Texas. I have sat in the stands in absolutely horrible weather and watched Tech win and lose. I walked to the stadium for the game against Texas my freshman year and the stands were so full I couldn't even get in, so I listened on the radio.

Watching Tech's lead dwindle from 10 points to nothing, to going behind by a point with 1:29 left in the game was a heart stopping experience. Tech scoring that last touchdown and the extra point with :01 left was enough to raise my normally low blood pressure to above average. Go Raiders! The class of '72 loves you!

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kasogayle said...

No joy, indeed! :) Dear Hubby and I were there, thought I was going to faint at the end, but it was well worth it!! Wreck 'em, Tech! The class of 1997 is rooting you on, too!