Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Rusting

It is almost 9 p.m. and since 9 a.m. today I have been to Bible study, had lunch with two friends, shopped for, and mailed a birthday card to my darling Baby Girl, shopped for a special "before Christmas gift" for Gracie, bought senior dog food for the one and only Scooter, checked out knit pants in 4 colors yet all in the wrong sizes, stopped in for a Vanilla Diet Fountain Coke at 7-11, taught seven violin students and wondered for half an hour where another one was, and been to the gym for a Body Flow class.

And now...the details, or some of them. At the Bible study I learned that I am published! Yes, I was totally disgusted that there was no review of the Barrage! concert I attended on November 8, so I decided to write an article and see if it would be published. And it is! With a by-line! Here.

Bible study...totally awesome, informative, and juicy. I mean, Beth Moore can really teach about sex in marriage and make you glad you were there to hear it! Wising Up is just a fabulous study of Proverbs. those friends. We learn so much from each other and they support me and pray for me. I regret so much that being in the work force has compromised female friendships in many cases. When our great-grandmothers got together to can food and to quilt, they bonded in friendships that were cherished for decades. Our mobile society has weakened those bonds, but Bible studies, email, Skype, and, of course, lunch do help preserve them.

Errands...I don't mind this kind. The first card I read was perfect for Baby Girl, and I'll see her and bake a cake next week. She will be 24 on Friday. And Scooter is nearly the perfect dog, so of course I want to keep him fed. He thinks I don't notice, but he sleeps on the red sofa at night. And leaves tiny patches of white fur behind. Or lets the magazines slip into the floor. I'll bet he hates that, since he has no hands to pick them up and cover his trail. He's really sneaky. The vanilla diet coke was pleasant, and the gift for Gracie is perfect, but the frustration level rose considerably when the pants were too baggy and there were no other sizes--even in their on-line store.

Teaching...I think my students are really ready for the Saturday morning ensemble recital and will entertain to the fullest measure (that's a music pun). Very noteworthy. And some of them may have learned something this week after all!

Body Flow...I hot pedaled it home and took Advil and hit the heating pad while eating a bowl of soup. This was a tough one.

Time to hit the computer/keyboard for some more composing/arranging of Christmas music. Or sew a stocking. Or wrap some packages. Or something. Can't just sit here! I might rust.

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