Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time for R&R

Pioneer Woman likes this time of year and so do I. In her location the mosquitoes and gnats are gone and the grass is brown. Here the grass is greener than it was in July and the flying critters are thick and scary. But I do love the cool mornings and using less air conditioning, the resurgence of summer flowers like begonias, petunias, pentas, and geraniums; the emergence of chrysanthemums, pansies, and ornamental cabbage.

This season always reminds me of the years when my children were growing up at home, planning to attend the next home football game at the high school of the year (Our family got caught in two re-districting years while our four daughters were in public schools. We changed school districts four times but only changed locations once.) There were slumber parties, floral mums with charms and ribbons, big sis/little sis weekends, cheerleading events, bus trips, and lots of French toast and donuts for breakfast on those special weekends.

In 1996 Muffin went to work out of town, living in an apartment during the week and returning home to us on weekends. Eventually he was able to work 40 hours in 4 days and return on Thursday evening, allowing us three full days together. It put a new perspective on weekends. We curtailed our weekend activities outside the family, stayed home more, stopped going out with friends, allowed our youngest daughter to have friends over almost every Friday or Saturday. After the girls moved away from home our weekends changed to a time of rest and accomplishing what is necessary. Some weekends are so full of necessities that rest seems like a distant dream. Last weekend was one of those—full of rehearsals, concerts, and chores.

For the next two months, however, there are few responsibilities on the calendar, and those do not require full days. So, we’re looking at R&R. I mean, serious fun! Going to concerts for fun, not work! Picking pumpkins. Reading books. Watching movies. Christmas Shopping. Taking the Rowdy Girls to Sea World. In only one month, no more political debates, calls, or mailings! I love this time of year.

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