Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fearfully and wonderfully

God, you are sooooooo Good!  You have known us before we were ever formed in the depths of the earth and made us fearfully and wonderfully pronoucing us as "good."  You did many things well this week and long before, too.  You told me which flight to choose in June for an August trip.  You spoke to me and said, "this one, on August 9th departing at 9 a.m. is the right one."  Sebastian was born on August 7 after 40 weeks and 40 hours of labor and was released from the hospital on August 9th.  My departing plane was delayed on the tarmac for almost one hour while a broken gauge was replaced, but none of the children on the plane got restless. Our arrival time was perfect, and my taxi trip was perfect, and I arrived less than one hour at Mike and Joy's home after they brought Sebastian home.

You gave Sebastian a Mommy and Daddy who love him so very much.  Once again it just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy like a peach ripened in the sun to observe my children with their babies.  I think You like to see Your children enjoy their babies too.  When I see your Holy Spirit in worship He always appears in swirls--light, color, water, or sound swirls--like a ribbon dancer or beautiful swirls in nature.  I think the Aurora Borealis is You showing off in the sky.  I think waterfall rainbows are You showing yourself to us.  I think sundogs in the clouds are You.  I think air bubbles in water are You.  I think sound waves, and bells and chimes, and bird calls, and echos are all You, just showing off for us to see if we notice You.  Most lately I've decided that swirls in nature--roses as they open, doodle bug holes, fingerprints, skin on our knuckles, hair growth on our head--are all kisses from You. Unique prints that you leave on us to remind us that you made us fearfully and wonderfully and know us full well.  Thank you for your stamp, My Maker.

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