Thursday, August 4, 2011


As the deer pants for the waterbrooks so my soul thirsts for You O Lord.

Texas is now in extreme drought. Yesterday it was 106 here. That is normal now.  The average temperature for July was 101, and we received zero rain. ZERO. More than 50 days this summer have been 100 degrees or more.  One inch of rain fell June 6 and that was the last time we had measurable rain.  Our landscaping that represents 21 years of growth is in danger because there is just not enough water to satisfy the deep needs of the plants.  Every day on the TV news there is a report of the extraordinary conditions and results--plagues of ants and grasshoppers trying to escape the heat. Water snakes on hoods of cars.  Devastating wildfires. Lakes with X number of days of water supply remaining. Fawns dying in deer herds in high numbers.  Electricity alerts and warnings of outages.

We need You, O Lord!  We need You to come and pour out on us rivers of living water!  We need you to break open the heavens and let it rain! Open the floodgates of heaven!  We need the cooling wind of your Spirit and the rising river of your love flowing all around us!  You are the only One who can satisfy us!  Our souls thirst for You!

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