Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow. Amazing. Wonderful. Glorious. Superduper.

Can't find the words to express my feelings about last weekend. Muffin arrived quite late Thursday night and for some reason I was very tired and fell asleep a few minutes before I would normally be preparing to drive to Body Flow. I woke up not minutes late, but hours later.  We just chilled after a late dinner of quiche and salad, watching recorded TV shows. Friday morning Muffin started the process of restoring my iphone to "new." Which means I lost some info.  Spent too many minutes replacing the threads, contacts, and other application information. Friday night we attended a Library event at Frontier Texas, our award winning museum which is a fun and educational venue. The food was great, the company included Texas authors and songwriters, and the entertainment was a barroom fight out in the damp grass as the first Fall rain moved in from the north. Later that evening a young man phoned Muffin just to talk about God, his relationship in hearing God, his desire to hear Him explicitly and know His plans. We'll call him Mr. A. Muffin told him that God surely loved him lots and lots and wanted to talk to him personally. He prayed with Mr. A.

Saturday morning the Fall rain had turned into a flash flood event that didn't prevent Muffin and Me from attending a conference at our church. Chris Dupre', composer of Dance with Me, was the featured speaker. We all huddled into the Crossover, our Youth Building that is decorated in sky, grass, street shops and West Texas mural for a day of extraordinary teaching about the Father's heart of love for each of us. Chris loves to explain parables and words and is a master story teller. I found myself unable to take adequate notes because I was listening so raptly.  Chris chose Mr. A, who was in the audience, to come forward and help him illustrate some moments Chris experienced in getting to know God intimately, holding Mr. A's head close to him and telling him how much he loved him.  It was AWESOME! and PERFECT!

Later that evening Muffin replaced a light fixture that fell from the ceiling unexpectedly while I was teaching this summer. It was twenty years old and of course couldn't be matched. That means he really replaced two fixtures and eight bulbs in our extra high kitchen ceilings.  It took too long and made too much of a mess and looks fabulous, which is the normal results of such home improvements, right?  But, we "saw the light" at the completion of the task!

Sunday morning I played with the praise team, who are all the ages or younger than my children and who tolerate graciously my desire to sing along with my violin. We did some wonder songs--We Will Dance on the Streets that are Golden, You are Amazing God, and others. Then David, our pastor, invited Chris Dupre' to sing Dance with Me.  He came to the platform, took the lead singer's guitar and insisted that the remainder of the team stay and play with him. As he sang the words a transformation began.
Dance with me O Lover of my Soul, to the song of all songs.
Romance me O Lover of my Soul, to the song of all Songs.
Behold you have come over the hill, over the mountain
With you I will go, You are my Love, You are my Fair One.
To me you have run, My Beloved you've captured my heart
Winter has passed an the Springtime has come. 

People began to dance all over the church. The youth danced with arms linked and swayed together. The children danced freely in circles in the aisles. The adults danced together in ballroom styles.  All those who weren't dancing were smiling and waving hands as if they were dancing with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Then it happened.  Chris asked for the violin to play alone. Right there, in my own church, with him playing guitar chords I was playing for a Holy Spirit dance that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  From the Balcony to the front altar it was as if I was playing in the heavenlies and all the people were dancing as the Bride dances with the Bridegroom.  I will never, ever forget those moments.

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