Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pampering

Every night of our cruise the cabin stewards do amazing things in our room while we go to dinner and a show or movie.  The room is cleaned from top to bottom, just as it is in the morning when we go to breakfast. All trash disappears from the containers.  Every spot on windows and mirrors is gone. Clean glasses and fresh ice appear. Any towels left on the floor are replaced.  All are folded and placed on racks. The tissue paper is folded to a crisp point.  
At night the covers are folded back and the towel animals appear with two chocolate mints. 

Who is this? What is this? Pointy little head and floppy ears...

Mr. Elephant

Miss Piggy with Minty eyes.

Stanley Sting Ray wearing Muffin's new sunglasses.

The final night on board.  I heart you too, Carnival Conquest!

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