Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late summer wedding

This lovely lady, the mother of the bride this evening, is an acquaintance from my Young Audience days a decade ago.  Her oldest daughter married a few years ago and our quartet played for that event. She called early this year to contract our quartet for tonight's wedding as well.  It was a black and white wedding, accented with a few pink flowers.

Elegance--all white flowers in the sanctuary. Subtle colors on the Mom's.  Tuxes and military uniforms on the guys. No other music than what we provided in solid, classical selections. All members of the wedding party were respectful and mature.  Even the program is elegant.

As usual. From my perspective.  May God bless the bride and groom with exactly what the officiate said. Love for the bride as Jesus has loved His Bride. Respect and honor for the groom as Jesus is worthy of the same.

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