Thursday, August 5, 2010

From my Perspective

Sunday afternoon my quartet played for the Texas Tech Pharmacy School White Coat Ceremony. It's a very impressive ceremony involving a processional, speeches from alumni, professors, and esteemed doctors of pharmacy in varied specializations.  I enjoy hearing the speeches and the introduction of the new students, whose names, undergraduate school, and hometown are announced as they step onto the stage to receive their white coats, sign the professional code and begin their career in pharmacy.

However it's a long way from the balcony of the historic Paramount Theater to the stage.  In these photos you get a bit of a feeling of just how far away we sit, playing music in the dark theater.   All those white spots in the seats are the students who have received their white coats.  I suppose that some of the students of the class of 2014 feel they are also a long way from their graduation.  

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jenn said...

What a special event!