Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day at the Museum

Last week I had a follow up appointment with my dental surgeon and afterward I stayed over with Muffin for two nights.  Boo and Michael are moving back to Texas (!!!!!) and were in the area looking for a house to lease until they sell their house in Arizona.  Success!  We celebrated with a day at the Modern Art Museum and dinner that evening at Blue Mesa with Kaki.  

I love the painting above--reminds me of "Room with a View" and George's eternal YES

Isn't this great?  A book with wings.  I think all books have wings to fly the reader away to exotic places.

Drama!  An entire wall of art!

My personal favorite exhibit in the permanent collection--  Not a room for a toddler!

The architecture is fascinating and beautiful as well. 

A detail in the floor of one room

The stairway hall in the back of the building has a wall of windows.

These two always make me feel as though I'm spying on something private.  Doesn't affect Muffin that way, though. 

Animal with a cape?

Boo thinks this little lady gets up and walks around the museum at night. 

This box fascinates me. It's hard to see in the photo but the inside of the lid is a mirror image, fitting into the space in the box. Beautiful!

Walking around a corner this painting totally commands the attention. The bold color, the size of the painting, and that small streak of white in the upper left of the canvas--POW!
Andy in one room. His Marilyns in another

Every one of these works is titled "Catherine"--obviously a woman of many facets.

Cabin Fever!

Cute birdie!

One clip from a video. What is out of sync in this apartment? 
Could it be the tiny airplanes flying through the room, landing on the countertop?

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