Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Texas 'Bonnets

About 10 minutes from our house there is a lovely field of Texas finest spring flowers--the Bluebonnet. On Sunday afternoon Muffin and I took a drive over there and found about twenty other cars stopped by the side of the road, people all spilled out with children, wee toddlers, and puppy dogs.  And LOTS of cameras.  In one corner of the field is an old tractor--the perfect prop for kids photos. Another area had a tiny picnic table, barely taller than the resplendent bluebonnets themselves. Toddlers and puppies looked very cute indeed on that table.  It was a beautiful day for photos. 

Muffin and Marmee
Close up.                                                 Closer.

Watching the other families.
We offered to take their photos so they could all get in the view finder.

Beautiful lake of blue. 

So pretty we even took photos of each other taking photos.  Cheesy, but fun. 
Thank you Lord, for your wondrous works that proclaim your glory!