Monday, April 5, 2010


Spring has sprung.
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the flowers iz?

Well, they are outside, that's where! We had such a cold, long, snowy winter that the wildflowers in Texas are later than usual but beautiful and abundant. And my front porch is blooming too. For my birthday, which was Saturday, my Mom, the Nannie, gave me a lovely double geranium in purple. I bought a hanging basket of petunias, also purple, and two gallon pots of Cordyline. The Sam's club sold hybiscus plants a couple of weeks ago, so we added one of those also.

So, my point is that since my last post, Spring has happened. Daylight Savings Time is here, and baseball and spring soccer are stealing violin practice time from my students. Yesterday was Easter, my favorite day of the year. We celebrated Jesus at church and at home. We sang worship songs and prayed for friends and with friends, then had lunch at home with Nannie and Abigail, CB, JB, Em and Roo, Kaki, Muffin and me. The Easter egg hunt was quite a success and the Sunday afternoon nap was best of all.

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