Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Life Today

So, last night, rather late, I learned that:
1. My 1:45 student, who comes from out of town for a one hour lesson every other week, had a family conflict today and wanted to "re-arrange" her lesson.
2. My Mom, my Muffin, and my Son-in-love, JB, all went to see their doctors yesterday. Muffin has a low fever and infection and feels sluggish. He was told to drink cranberry juice. JB is on the end of a possible gall bladder attack and has a standing order for a scan for the GB if it flares again.
3. Nannie has severe nerve compression pain and an MRI is ordered for tomorrow morning at 6:45 a.m.

Much later after learning those three news items I also got email that my friend got a very bad report from her doctor yesterday and went home with oxygen. Doctor's opinion is that tumors are causing all her breathing problems and she will be bedridden within a couple of weeks.

Today I filled the car with gasoline and went to Bible study. My friend was not at the study this morning and my thoughts and prayers were directed toward her so much that I was very distracted from other subjects. I also stayed awake late praying for her and prayed more before starting my afternoon teaching. In between praying and lunch I called another student who came in the time slot vacated by the out of town student. Then I got email from the out of town student wanting a make up day and time. I explained the policy: one make up day a semester for all missed lessons and the make-ups are in master classes. (This is on my web site.) I taught nine students between 1:45-6:30. Maybe two of them had actually practiced this week. I ate a very quick supper and went to the gym until it closed, then called my Mom to ask about taking her to her appointment in the morning.

By 11:00 pm I had also written seven thank you notes, received an email in SHOUTING CAPITAL LETTERS to get an article and calendar information to three publications ASAP, two of which have been submitted for over a week, but that person who is no longer the president or chairman of the event, is not copied on the emails. I had an email informing me of an 80th birthday tomorrow--keep those prayers and cards coming, folks! I reached my Mom on the second phone call and was berated for not calling her cell phone when I couldn't reach her on her house phone. By the time I reached her she had also made other arrangements for transportation in the morning, reminding me that I had not called her or checked back with her about the appointment. I guess I should have done that first thing this morning from the gas station or the church parking lot. And I learned that one family member thinks another family member has lied to us "quite a lot" and doesn't give us an accurate picture of the lifestyle. Oh, I also worked out at the gym for an hour.

Muffin gave me two nice CD's for my birthday. One is titled The Overshadowing and the other is The Oil of Heaven. I am ready for a big dose of that oil right now!

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