Monday, January 25, 2010

Rowdy Weekend

Last Thursday I drove to see the Rowdy Girls, who were sitting at the table having lunch when I arrived. Em had an upper respiratory infection that didn't slow her too much, and Roo was just brimming with orneriness. Grandpa braved the interstate traffic in the thick of the after work rush, driving four hours to meet us. Some of our favorite Rowdy Girl Routines include:
Roo gets a treat when she uses the potty appropriately. She took me with her, snagged a book "The Boy who Loved Words", and we read for quite awhile. Then she announced that she wanted a marshmallow, a cookie, and three lollipops. I laughed a little and told her we would need to ask permission from her mommy. She immediately told me how. "Go ask Christel."
Emme whined about as long as CB and JB could handle it one day. He was Skyping with them on the computer and Em was in CB's lap, whining. JB told her to stop, and she started to cry. He asked her why she was crying. 'I SOOOO sad!" Why so sad? "Cause I can't snuggle Daddy". Well, what could he say long distance there on the computer? Sad, indeed.
Emme went down for a nap early one afternoon and Ruby was reveling in the extra attention. JB was home from his trip that day, so he took Roo in to tuck her in her tent. On his way out we heard her call after him, "Take me with you!"
Emme loves to share my food--blueberries, pineapple, cheese, cookies. They are "Emme bites."
Roo likes to be rewarded when she eats. Upon taking the fork out of her mouth, she expects a rousing round of "Bravo!" I tried to teach her that is it "Brava!" for a lady. She digs that too.
Grandpa tried to engage Ruby in reading with him by pausing for her to "fill in the blanks". She refuted by saying, "Grandpa. Read faster!"

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