Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grandpa Muffin

Growing up I thought it was totally normal for my parents to do most of the same work. Oh, Daddy had a job as a barber, and Mother did the laundry and bulk of the cooking and running errands, but neither of them thought twice about Daddy cooking or sewing on buttons or Mother working in the yard or doing the banking. It was "even steven" in most areas. My paternal grandmother, the progressive pioneer woman I called "Pickle" taught her four children, two boys and two girls, to all work the same, inside and outside the house.
So, when I started dating I really thought it was pretty weird when guys frowned on their Dad's doing "housework", or worse still, when said guys wouldn't help out around the house themselves. Naturally when I met Muffin and his family and his Daddy, Papaw to our girls, helped Nana around the house and did some cooking, all seemed normal to me. Muffin learned to cook both at home and in scouts and has always, always helped with the girls, in the kitchen, with the cleaning, and anything else that needed help too.
Today while I was co-hostessing a baby shower at our church for a sweet couple adopting twin 14 month old girls from South America, Muffin was unloading the car for me (two car booster seats as hostess gifts, and a half sheet cake), cleaning floors at home, as well as gluing furniture that needed repairs, emptying trash and recycling, among countless other chores and necessities. What guy!!

Here he is in profile on snowy Christmas Eve. Love the Indiana Jones hat.

Looking charming at the end of a long work day on our date night to "South Pacific".

Cheesing for our iphone camera in the church atrium.
He's a keeper. I'd like to keep him home, but his vacation is over tonight. Boo Hoo.

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