Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sailing back to Galveston

On the last day at sea we slept late and had breakfast on the Lido Deck, looking out at the Gulf of Mexico while we sipped coffee and ate our good-for-your-bones-yogurt.

We attended a mandatory meeting about debarkation and customs, filled out the forms we would need the next morning, strolled around the deck listening to music in various venues and savoring the moments. About 1 pm we found this restaurant that we didn't even know existed and had a wonderful lunch there.

Seriously, I had orange soup! We met three families from other cities in Texas. One of them has a daughter who is a sophomore at Texas Tech. In visiting further we asked where she lives and learned that she shares a house with two roommates and it is only three houses away from Nana, Muffin's Mom! Now that is what I call a God appointment. After lunch we looked outside to find that it was raining-hard! This photo is looking through the aft of the ship's rain-streaked window into the wake.

On the last sea day it is customary to celebrate with a chocolate buffet. We decided we could do that! Wow!!! Here are just a few samples of what was on the buffet--torte, milkshake, chocolate cheesecake, rum muffin, lemon torte with chocolate layers, chocolate fruit cake, and delicious coffee. It was all so beautifully presented with accents of flowers, fresh fruit, columns of cake and cookies, and the pastry chefs serving in their tall hats. Abundance!

Bon appetite!

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Ed & Debra Lloyd said...

Oh, my, I'm getting a buzz just looking at all that chocolate. We went to a wine and chocolate fantasia at Llano Estacado one night. It was unbelieveable. We were grateful for the tiny little sandwiches (non-chocolate) every few tables. Glad you had such a wonderful cruise. Welcome home.