Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I like these Suprises

This is THE Nannie. She's my Mom, Nannie to CB, Boo, Joy, and Kaki. Great Nannie to Jbear, Gracie, Roo and Em.

Yesterday morning my doorbell rang and before I could answer, someone was coming inside my locked door. Not just everyone would attempt that, but my Mom, the Nannie of this family, is one who would. Sure enough she had come over with money, salad, muffins, and a burning desire to see Scooter the Sheltie. I persuaded her to sit long enough to view the latest blog posts about the Rowdy Girls and the Cheese family.

Later in the day the phone rang. It was friends from early parenting days who moved from our town twelve years ago. They are living in "second retirement", having completed one career as an Air Force family (he was a fighter pilot), and then a second career as junior ROTC commander/teacher in one of our local high schools. I enjoyed a wonderful visit with them on the phone, as they were in town only for a short time for a Korean war veterans reunion. We attended two churches together, and always enjoy sharing what God is doing in our lives.

Another phone call late last proved to be my Joy. It's always, well... a joy, to hear from her and her perpetually enthusiastic, shower-singing husband. We're going to visit them next month, and that makes me smile, too.

Final phone call was an inquiry for violin lessons. This lovely mom and her daughter arrived today to observe a lesson and will begin learning in my studio next week at a time I had open that worked for them. Excellent!

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