Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Work

After a fabulously decadent summer of fun I started back to work last week. There have been changes, of course, both good and not so good. The good ones include two lovely and eager new students, little girls who are in first and second grade. And a family is returning after a six month traveling job with three of their four children who previously took violin lessons in the studio. Another family with four students whom I have taught for nine years and who I love dearly have decided to quit. It will be awhile before I adjust to this development. For the past six years or so I have been part of a ladies Bible study group on Wednesdays. We decided to take a summer break, as we often do, and continue this month. Except the study group I participated in through the summer was also on Wednesdays and I loved it. We practiced Sozo techniques on one another and watch
ed DVD's from Bethel church's Sozo team. Beginning next week that study will continue and I will join it.

I had so much fun this summer! With these people,

and these people. We went to visit them. And they came to visit us.

Then we went on our first cruise. And I'll blog later about each of the seven days of the cruise.

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