Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today in History

Thirty four years ago two college sweethearts drove to a military hospital in California. It was very early in the morning--still dark, but they were still excited.  He was as low as they go, speaking of officers. A second lieutenant who was highly informed on the subject at hand, because she had insisted he educate himself. After the check in process they were directed to the special wing reserved for women in this condition. She made herself as comfortable as possible and watched "Sesame Street" for an hour as the hospital staff dashed in and out of the room like fish hunting for food in a crowded aquarium. She was distracted with the activity and the muppets, but he was as nervous as a puppy in a room full of toddlers.  

After an hour and a half she got serious about this mission and ordered the TV turned off. After all, she had rehearsed for this part and won the audition almost ten months earlier, and she was determined to give the performance of her life!  Lines had been memorized, songs had been added to the script, and all the props and sets were in place for the audience of medical personnel. 

In every performance there is an unknown factor. In this one, the villain was Pitocin.  The PIT. Administered in IV form it tends to turn a serial drama into a one act play with high drama and loud sound effects. That's right ladies and gentlemen, this was......drum roll please......... Natural Childbirth!  Military hospitals had few experiences with laboring mothers who asked to forego medications for pain. At twenty six days past the due date, twenty five years of age, and after seven and a half hours of labor interrupted often by the Doctor Colonel Fuhrer who wished to stick needles in her arms and "take her pain away",  and two hours of pushing, she gave birth to THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL on the planet. 
Our first child......Happy Birthday, CB!

We celebrated with her today at the Texas History Museum (pictured above) and watched "Under the Sea" in 3D with Em and Roo, JB, Grandpa, and Aunt Kaki. Before that we ate fabulous breakfast at Trudy's and tonight had THE chocolate cake: Mint Chocolate layer cake decorated with thin mints.  I suggested that we lay around in our hospital gowns as we did 34 years ago, but she said she outgrew hers. 

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