Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven Years Ago

It was a beautiful day. That's appropriate, because their son, The Jbear, takes note of beautiful days. The engagement was short--one week short of five months. The relationship was long--almost six years, although mostly through distance. The phone bill was expensive, but we won't go there. The dress was custom made and fitted, then hand embroidered by the Bride's Mom--Me!  The music was lovely--string quartet and an original vocal duet for the wedding and a jazz band at the reception. The setting was perfect--the Bride's home church with guests who also witnessed her grow from a child of six years old to a beautiful young woman. The attendants, our beautiful daughters dressed in red and our lovely niece and the groom's charming cousin as flower girl and ring bearer. The reception, in a pristine ballroom of a restored historic building in our hometown. The photographer also did the photo shoots for the Bride's senior year and her younger sister's softball teams.  Food was handmade by family and friends, chosen by the Bride--roasted pecans, cucumber sandwiches, asparagus rolled in ham, fresh fruit, tasty white grape punch, and, of course the cakes. Groom's cake was his favorite--carrot with cream cheese frosting, and the bride's cake was vanilla with a spiral of grapes and berries flowing from the top of three tiers. 

In an act of love and grace, a dear friend bought and arranged all the flowers. It was absolutely beautiful. All colors of the stained glass windows were represented in the lilies, stock, tulips, roses, berries, and many floral species I never knew or totally forgot existed. Inside the sanctuary was a low, full arrangement of beautiful roses and magnolia leaves. On each of the formal round tables at the reception a silver teapot, coffeepot, or vase held the blooms, an
d also adorning the tables were small glass plates filled with buffet food so guests would be able to nibble while waiting for the Bride and Groom to return from the final photography session at the church following the ceremony.  

Of all the memories of that day, the 
overwhelming theme of them all is of overflowing love. Love between the Bride and Groom for each other. Love among the families for each of their members. Love poured out by those who assisted to make the reception flow so beautifully. Love from the guests for the married couple and their families. Love from the Body of Christ for each one present. Love from the Father for us all. 

Happy Anniversary, Michael and Boo! 
 May you always rest in the Father's perfect love. 

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