Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Night

Tonight Muffin and I had a real date. We had dinner at the nearby Italian restaurant, which uses the very freshest ingredients. I had a grilled chicken rotini dish made with fresh tomatoes, herbs and artichokes. The most delicious ingredient was the crumbled peccorino cheese. Muffin had a ravioli dish with delicious fresh basil and tomatoes. Their house dressing on the salads is one of the best Italian dressings ever. 

After dinner we drove to the Town and Country Drive-In Theater for a double feature. Tonight's choices were Terminator Salvation/Star Trek  or on the other screen Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian/ X Man Origins:Wolverine. So we took our snacks and bottled water, rolled back the sun roof, and turned on the radio to the theater frequency, and sat under the stars from 9 pm to 1 a.m.  Night at the Museum was fun, especially all the animated art hanging in the National Gallery (which is not technically part of the Smithsonian).  But we turned the car around and drove to the other side of the lot to watch Star Trek. Muffin loved it!  Proclaimed the special effects were the best ever. 

Oh, and the lot of the theater, in addition to the snack bar, has a working oil well pump surrounded by a fence right smack in the middle of the property.

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