Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February is not my favorite

In spite of Valentine's Day, Joybear's birthday, and being the month in which Muffin and I got engaged, it has never been my favorite time of year. The weather is weird--80 one day and 35 the next. Windy enough to blow the fence down one day and perfect the next. And musically speaking there is not usually much happening. But this year has found me planning and going and doing one thing after the other. My studio participated in theory testing early in the month. This week most of the students are playing solos in a festival, which just means it's a judged event for them and lots of paper work and accompanying for me, but is a good measuring tool for year to year progress. And the symphony has a pops concert--all Broadway--this weekend. Plus the quartet is playing a reception between the last afternoon symphony rehearsal and the concert that night.

And there is the Bible study--Esther: It's Tough being a Woman. The homework intrigues me and I spend several hours on it some days. Esther (the book) has no mention of God in it. Esther has many hidden aspects of God's nature, however. Esther, the queen, hid her identity as a Jewess for several years. Do you see a pattern here? Hidden things?

Well, February is more fun this year--busier, educational, challenging, and best of all offered a free weekend for visiting the GrandTwins, JB, CB, and Kak. Wish we could see Jbear and Gracie and their parents too. Then, if I could celebrate Joybear's birthday with her in person, it would be perfect.

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