Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friends in Need

I haven't felt like blogging. We know lots of people with deep needs and mostly I have prayed. Two of my dear sisters in my Reunion Group have had a very difficult week. K's sister went home to be with the Father this week after six years of battling cancer. Peggy's sister entered into a new phase of dementia, unable to swallow, and her sister and brother are making life support decisions. An engineer with whom my husband worked and was in a meeting only a week ago, passed away early in the week. The man who owns the copy shop I use lost his 22 year old daughter to a kidney transplant failure. And in mid week I learned that a sweet student I taught from sixth grade to high school graduation had a great tragedy. Her single mother took her own life, leaving behind two daughters, a son, and two grandchildren, as well as a grieving sister and her family.

Father God, bless these dear ones with peace, with comfort, and with strength and wisdom to move in your kingdom. Speak to their hearts and sing over them in the dark places. May they have the mind of Christ in all things. May they fall in love with you all over again and become your dearest friends. May they hear you speak to them and teach them the Way to go. In Jesus' name.

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