Thursday, January 20, 2011

So blessed!

Remember the Wednesday morning "Joy group"?  Yesterday we danced before the Lord. Well, it ended up for Him, but on the way it was a room full of funny, giggling women trying hard to command the sides of the brain and the left and right sides of the body to cooperate to learn four steps--just four--to dance with a DVD for about two minutes.  It got pretty hilarious and was a fair marker of just how loosey goosey we become with one another.

Finally we got serious and did the lesson for the day in the "Belonging" study.  During the study I was enlightened. Not by the study, but to an awareness that one woman did not have a book.  The Lord told me that she did not have money for the book and that I should buy it for her.  So, just before leaving I tried to do so discretely and leave. But Amy, our fearless leader, is all about transparency and she took the book to L and said, "Joyce wanted you to have this."  Busted!  But, this is where it gets really good!!

L came to me to hug and thank me and she told me that God spoke to her as Amy handed her the book. He said to her as Amy said my name, "She's always so obedient to me."  I was just dumbfounded.  L said she got chills to know that God would say that about someone. I got blasted by a Holy Spirit brick that He knows my heart so well.  I rarely deliberately disobey when I know what He is saying to me.  And now I KNOW that He KNOWs!  Awesome!

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