Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doozey Dream

Last night I had a very interesting and vivid dream.  I can't wait to get my very spiritual sisters involved in the interpretation!

I was wearing orange-- a button front shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a skirt with a sarong cut.  (That in itself is weird. I rarely ever wear orange, or skirts)  I started walking, but I was walking very deliberately, almost marching. However it was in the air--off the ground about 12-15 feet.  And I was looking down at the street, as I passed people going the opposite direction.  And I seemed to be able to know their thoughts. One person was thinking about his next job. Another was just thinking about her grocery list. Finally, I overheard a couple talking about someone I knew. The tone of their voices disturbed me. It sounded like a couple making small talk at a party or social event, but was actually a mask.  I knew they had deep concern for the lady they were discussing, a mutual acquaintance who has Alzheimer's.  I wanted so much to tell them they should be sincere and show their love to her.

As I went on down the street in the air I looked down on a very elegant and fancy building, much like a big museum on a university campus.  There were artifacts strewn about the lawn and on the concrete leading into the building.  I dipped down from my lofty position to pick up some of the artifacts and realized they were important, pieces of an antique mirror and also some type of large tool I didn't recognize.  As I retrieved them and turned them over to examine them more closely a man came forward and said he would take them.  He was Ethiopian.  I don't know how I knew that, but he was quite authoritative and I gave them to him, but never let my feet touch the ground. Somehow I knew he was the exact person who should have those objects and that they were very valuable.  Then I proceeded on my way, high above the everyday happenings on the earth.

So, yesterday I taught lessons all afternoon, spent some time practicing for a concert this weekend, made some phone calls, did a load of laundry, watched some teaching videos, and went to Body Flow.  I didn't eat anything weird, and I didn't eat late.   So what does that dream mean?

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