Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let the gigs begin!

 I love The Messiah!  Both the oratorio and the Lord for Whom it was written.

   I love doing Baby Music!  This is a tribute to my parents and grandparents and all their extended families because the songs and activities are songs and nursery rhymes taught to me by all of those who have lived before me.  I feel an extension to my heritage, to my own daughters as Mothers, to my grandchildren and to generations to come when I am engaged in the curriculum.   I actually remember the sounds of my parents' and grandparents' voices saying these rhymes, singing these songs.  I feel connected to my elementary music teachers and my college teacher who taught elementary music as well.  "Pop Goes the Weasel" and "Six Little Ducks" were always fun action songs in a classroom.  "Pat a Cake" is a generational favorite in almost every family in southern states.  When I'm singing and playing with the children--my grands, the infants, the toddlers--it's as if all my ancestors are playing with them too.  We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses!

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