Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Weekend

 Driving to see the Grand Twins I saw this beautiful field of grasses and pristine farm house. 

 At this time of year the grasses, which originally covered most of Texas before it was settled and developed, are green, gold, red and purple.

 A few, not many, trees are beginning to dress in their Autumn colors. 
Temperatures are in the 50's and upper 40's at night. When the first freeze arrives, the colors really pop.

 Last weekend Grandpa bought a kite for Jonah and Gracie. This weekend he bought a kite for Em and Roo.  Em thought she might try flying it inside the house. 

 Em, Roo, Grandpa, JB and I walked to the neighborhood park .  Em busied herself on the slides, sidewalks, and swing. Roo declared she was the captain of a big pirate ship and was sailing the seven seas. She commanded from the lofty heights. 

Meanwhile, JB and Grandpa made valiant efforts on a mostly windless day to fly the kite. Every time it would crash,  Em would say "Oh Noooooooo! Try again!"  Good advice for life, I think.

As the shadows lengthened from west to east along the width of the park
the girls began to tire of the kite, the slides, the pirate ship and
long afternoon Grandpa held Em by the feet upside down for a while
then allowed her to lay in the gravel--dirty but so texturally pleasing.

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