Saturday, June 5, 2010


Since she was a small child we have observed as she grew in wisdom, stature (she's really tall!) and in favor with God and with mankind.  Now she is ready to soar, to fly like the Abilene High Eagle that she is, to leave her nest at home and with her extended family (us) and become who God calls her to be.

Today, along with 524 other graduates she is no longer a high school student, but is a college freshman with a world ahead of her.

There were so many people attending that we sat on the top row of the collesium and were happy that we found a seat.  Many people did not.  You can see people standing at the railing in front of the second level and behind the first level seating.  The parking lot was a giant mess with no police traffic detail anywhere, and many of the graduates, and most of their families and friends were stuck in the lot for an hour or more after the ceremony ended.  

But I, also an AHS graduate, stayed until the school song was sung one last time, and until the drum line, begged by the audience, gave them  THE BEAT.   
Congratulations, Abigail!

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